Mediation brings Wisdom. Bright Wisdom brings Good Will spread everywhere. Tue Tam VH - Spreading love.


About Tue Tam VH Group

Tue Tam VH Group was established with the participation of only five original members, all strangers, coming from different places, different occupations but having the same ideals of life. The group likes as a “chain of fate” that ties not only members but also everyone together.

Mediation brings Wisdom (Tue). Bright Wisdom brings Good Will (Tam) spread everywhere. Tue Tam VH – Spreading love – This becomes a motivation for the group’s development.

Mission and Vision

The group aims to improve the quality of life as well as the spirit of poor people in the remote areas of Vietnam.

The group has learned that somewhere in remote places, the roads were rudimentary and backward, causing great difficulties for the local people’s travel and the safety of their children. Initially, the main activity of the group is to thank to the contribution of its members to the construction of bridges in poor rural areas in order to contribute to the reduction of the hardships of travel.

In addition, the group carries the Mission to inspire those seeking peace in the “Mind” and towards “Wisdom”. The group is a place to connect volunteers from generations to join together to bring love to the unfortunate life and the poor countryside.

Today, the group that is spreading love to their family members, friends and colleagues, has funded the construction of many bridges in the provinces such as Dong Thap, Tra Vinh, Ben Tre, Soc Trang provinces, etc … to help the farm work and transport of agricultural products of the people more convenient, besides, contribute poverty reduction and improve people’s lives better and better.

Before and after image of the construction of Tue Tam 08 Bridge in Dat Moi Hamlet, Thanh My Commune, Vinh Thanh District, Can Tho City.

Each places the group arrives, the group always prepare small gifts for the best students in the local area that encourage and motivate them to study in their best. On the pathway of their lives, there are many kindnesses that accompany and guide the children – the future generations of the country, to help them build a strong country with love for humanity, forget about selfish thoughts, do not fight for selfishness, live in peace and not in the fear of war.

Representatives of Tue Tam VH Group gave presents to the children in the ceremony of inauguration of Bao Mon Channel Bridge at Bao Mon hamlet, Don Chau commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.

On the journey of volunteerism, the group has been highly endorsed by relatives, colleagues, friends, local government and all the people in local place where the group have come and gone by. The joy and smile on the lips of the students or the people in the ceremony of groundbreaking and the ceremony of inauguration of the bridge are the source of energy and the fresh source stream to motivate the Group to step forward all poverty areas in our country.

Officials and local people and representatives of the VHF band together cut the ribbon of the Tue Tam 06 in Tan My Hamlet, Tan Binh Commune, Mo Cay Bac District, Ben Tre Province.

In the future, the group will continue charity activities, however, in reality, there are many places where has the difficult situation and the poor fortune are in need of our help. Therefore, the group has bravely set up the website, namely with the desire of receiving contribution of the friends, relatives and benefactors … in order to spread love to everyone and build “Tue Tam ” durable. All of this funding will be valued, publicly and carefully considered for charitable purposes.

The group are looking forward to be accompanied by sponsors and volunteers in the future.

The Group would like to sincerely thank the valuable sharing of the cherished heart of the friends.

Tue Tam VH Group _ Spreading Love