Thiền mang đến Tuệ. Tuệ sáng đưa Tâm thiện lan tỏa muôn nơi. Tuệ Tâm VH - Lan tỏa yêu thương.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Tue Tam 14 Bridge in Tra Vinh

At 9:00 on December, 29th 2017, Tue Tam 14 bridge was started contructing in An Binh hamlet, Hoa Tan commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province.

This is the bridge on the road leading into the hamlet has been seriously degraded, the people are looking forward to building a new long. The VH group came to investigate and mobilize funding. From early morning, relatives gathered to attend the groundbreaking ceremony in the excited atmosphere.

With the strong and loving support of the friendly donors, the funding for the bridge construction is now close enough. To meet the expectations of people, Tue Tam 14 bridge was started to complete the service to the people, before the Lunar New Year Mauuan.

The Tue Tam VH group continues to receive the support of donors to complete the construction of the Tue Tam 14.

Thank you for your gratitude.

Here are the pictures of the ceremony of the Tue Tam 14:


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