Thiền mang đến Tuệ. Tuệ sáng đưa Tâm thiện lan tỏa muôn nơi. Tuệ Tâm VH - Lan tỏa yêu thương.

Inspection, Undercontruction and The Inauguration ceremony of Tue Tam 01 Bridge

The Tue Tam VH group was born from the cohesion between voluntary and responsible people in the community. And the first bridge with the TUE TAM sign is the “Tue Tam 01” bridge with the local name is “Thay Tam Channel”.

This bridge is located in An Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province -that is one of the difficult and developing areas of the South West region. As the old bridge was degraded, the travel of people was difficult and inconvenient, local authorities at all levels have mobilized people to join hands to rebuild the bridge. However, due to the difficult economic situation, the mobilization is not satisfactory.

Knowing the information above, the group has sent members to meet and survey the local realities with the support of Venerable Thich Tri Thuong abbot of An Phuoc pagoda as well as enthusiastic cooperation of the CPC. An khanh.
After surveying and working with local leaders, the team found that rebuilding the bridge was very urgent, so the team decided to provide full support for the project. The plan, construction design, cost estimates were created immediately with high agreement between local authorities and representatives of the volunteer group. The project was supported and supervised closely by the People’s Committee of An Khanh commune and the Buddhists of An Phuoc pagoda with their relatives in the commune.

The parties decided to build the new bridge with the cost of 60,500,000. All the funds are mobilized and financed by the PPC. The old bridge in the locality is the Thay Tam bridge and another name is Tue Tam 01 bridge. The bridge is 15m long and 2.2m wide and has a tonnage of 1 ton and a safety guard railing.

On September 10th 2016, the bridge was started with the participation of the local authorities, representing the Wisdom of VH, abbot, Buddhist An Phuoc pagoda along with local people.

In the process of construction, although there are some difficulties, but with the spirit of enthusiastic labor of all people, the bridge was built according to the schedule and design.

With the eagerly awaited people, on September 10th 2016 the first bridge of the group was inaugurated in the happiness and joy of the people in the commune.

Attending the inauguration ceremony was the presence of the social security team, representatives of the local government, the pagoda of An Phuoc pagoda and the local people.

The attendees, probably each person has a different mood, but looking happy eyes, smiling faces all feel that what they do makes sense. This is not a job that comes from responsibility, but from a great mind of compassion, from infinite love for the community. The Tue Tam Center was inaugurated in joyfulness, happiness but also equally solemn with the cutting section of the Bridge.

The bridge will help people travel less difficult, contributing to the economic development of the locality and more to help the way to school of a younger generation to reduce the difference, dangerous .

In addition to funding for bridge construction, the volunteer group has also followed the dream of the students in the commune by practically providing scholarships and scholarships for poor students in the area. commune.

Responding to the enthusiasm and volunteerism of the group, local leaders, people, Buddhists An Phuoc pagoda has made vegetarian and intimate dinner to treat the delegation. Dinner is fun, friendly and warm.

An Phuoc Pagoda, the bridge supervision unit, sincerely gave a thank-you note, acknowledging the contribution of the group.

Although each person has a different position, different careers, it is the love, sympathy, sharing that make people become more beautiful and bright.

Farewell to Dong Thap and Tue Tam 01, goodbye eyes of innocence of the children, skin tanned, happy smile radiant happy people, all again Back to familiar life every day but in the corner of each heart somewhere of each of us are still overwhelmed with the joy of loving warm images of relatives and is self-will continue to unite, general hands to spread more love to soon have the bridge to the shore fun for the beloved relatives of affection.


Building Bridge Project