"Thiền mang đến Tuệ. Tuệ sáng đưa Tâm thiện lan tỏa
muôn nơi. Tuệ Tâm VH - Lan tỏa yêu thương

"Thiền mang đến Tuệ. Tuệ sáng đưa Tâm thiện lan tỏa muôn nơi. Tuệ Tâm VH - Lan tỏa yêu thương"


Life always starts with love which fills up with time.

Children are born in their parents’ love; grown up they experience their own couple’s love; and matured they enjoy family love. Love accompanies us throughout our life. 

Young children in Tich Phuc Hamlet, Khanh Thanh Tan Commune, Mo Cay Bac District, Ben Tre Province are playing with each other.

Today, we are here to attend the inauguration of Thai Lan Bridge (Tue Tam Bridge No. 13) the bridge built from humanitarian love, which encompasses not only family but also community and social love.

Photo of the old bridge before new construction.

Thai Lai Bridge in its inauguration day.

Thai Lai Bridge is situated in Tich Phuc Hamlet, Khanh Thanh Tan Commune, Mo Cay Bac District, Ben Tre Province. The construction of this bridge and the 20m long concrete road leading to it is completely financed by Ms. Pham Thi Huan, Ms. Pham Thi Hai and their children and grandchildren living in Vung Tau City. 

Inauguration band cutting ceremony.

The Bridge is constructed with the intention of making it safe for the local residents and pupils in their daily travel for business and going to school. “After rain comes sunshine” – Thai Lai, the name of the Bridge, further expresses the wish that the local residents shall gradually overcome hardship and difficulties for a more well-to-do life, which is the very prospect imagined in the two kind women’s and their children’s mind for the community.

Representative of Tue Tam VH Group gives speech in the ceremony.

Ms. Pham Thi Huan and Ms. Pham Thi Hai, both born before the August Revolution in 1945, are women whose childhood and adolescence are closely tied to the people’s holy resistance. War, bombing and hunger have failed to dampen the revolutionary fire in their heart; instead, they are steeled to become steadfast, unyielding women and most capable, loyal wives and mothers to their husbands and children in their fight for the native land’s freedom. 

Peace restored, they are hard-working women that help to build their happy and well-being families where each child and grandchildren of them learns to grow into matured, filial and successful individuals.

Now when their ages are quite high (Ms. Pham Thi Hai, 75 years old, Ms. Pham Thi Huan, 87 years old), they continue to spread their love to other people. Instead of using their savings for own needs in the old age, they spend the same to construct the above bridge for the people. This shall be looked upon not only as the humanitarian deed for the community but also as the profound lesson of love to their families and their dear ones.

Ms. Pham Thi Hai in the ceremony

Joining with the merry atmosphere of the inauguration, scholarships are given to studious pupils in the Hamlet with love and the hope that they may continue to perfect themselves and knowledge so that, in some day, they will become useful people to the society and the country.

Handing gifts to outstanding Class 12 pupils.

In the occasion of the coming New Year, Tue Tam VH Group and sponsors give gifts to 13 families with difficulties in the Hamlet with the wish of a peaceful and happy new year. 

Giving gifts to families with difficulties.

Tue Tam VH Group is honored to joint the two kind women’s families on the charity road. In today’s inauguration ceremony, on behalf of the local government and residents, we express our sincere gratitude to these two kind women and their families, and wish their health and longevity and look forward to being with them again in other inauguration of charitable projects. 

Ms. Pham Thi Hai and local residents crossing the Bridge.

Local people and members of Tue Tam VH Group strolling on the 20m long concrete road to the bridge head. 

Tue Tam VH Group thanks Comrade Xuan, Chairman of the communal People’s Committee and leaders of the hamlet and communal political branches and divisions for their warm welcome of the Group and for their support in the construction of the Bridge. The Group also thanks the construction team for their effort to finish the Bridge in time for the local residents’ celebration before the Lunar New Year, and thanks the all those who help preparing everything for the Group to attend such a solemn and warm inauguration ceremony.

Tue Tam VH Group enjoys the vegetarian meal with the communal residents.

Thai Lai Bridge is inaugurated in the peaceful atmosphere of Spring, the season of love and life beginning.

Comrade Xuan, Chairman of the communal People’s Committee hands the thanking letter to Tue Tam VH Group.

Tue Tam VH Group takes a photograph with Comrade Xuan, Chairman of the communal People’s Committee.


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